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We carry a wide selection of vinyl and wood windows that are custom made for your home or cottage. Whether you are building new or renovating, we have a variety of advanced technology windows that will help make your home more comfortable while reducing your carbon footprint by saving on energy bills, summer and winter!

  • We have coloured vinyl windows made by a great northern Ontario manufacturer.
  • We have Loewen Windows, the finest luxury wood windows in the industry.
  • We have  wood, steel and fibreglass doors are available in a variety of colours and styles.

Visit our showroom or call for a free consultation and estimate regarding your specific project and needs.


Wood Windows – by Loewen

Premium Luxury wood windows made with Coastal Douglas Fir. Loewen was the first North American Window Manufacturer to obtain the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification.  These windows have a rich, warm texture and this premium wood is naturally tough, resilient, and durable. A 20 year warranty on glass and 10 year warranty on hardware ensures that these high quality windows were made to last.

Visit Loewen’s website for information


Vinyl Windows & Doors – by Seymour

Seymour manufactures high quality vinyl windows that are custom built to meet your specific requirements. These windows are energy efficient and virtually maintenance free. The vinyl is guaranteed to maintain its shape and color under the most severe weather conditions. A 20 year warranty on glass and lifetime warranty on hardware ensures your satisfaction for years to come.

Visit Seymour’s website for information

North Star

Vinyl Windows – By North Star

North Star manufactures a unique vinyl window product that has an acrylic overlay for colorization on the exterior and styling on the interior-including faux wood and acrylic colors. North Star manufactures right here in Ontario and they have been proven durable throughout northern winters and sun filled summers.

Visit North Star’s website for information

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